K9 Guide Training Services

No matter your needs, K9 Guide can help. We have several options to choose from depending on your and your dog’s needs. Its easy to use luring to teach a dog to Sit – any half decent trainer can do that. We not only train pet obedience, but teach the owners how to follow through so that your dog listens always, no matter what is going on, even with tennis balls and squirrels around! Stop structuring your life around poor manners and bad behaviors. Get your house back and start enjoying your companion!

K9 Guide will be there for you every step of the way. With K9 Guide, you get unlimited follow-up with trainers, first class obedience, and off-leash freedom both you and your dog have been dreaming of.

Board & Train

K9 Guide’s premier Board & Train program is our most requested program and is the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t have the time or desire to train their dog from start to finish. It is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to train your dog.

The Board & Train dogs train at the K9 Guide facility, on our beautiful property, as well as out and about in our community. Dogs go on field trips to be worked in real world settings to ensure they’ll be successful with you no matter where your adventures take you! But it isn’t just work – we spend plenty of time on walks, in our fun ball pit, on our puppy playground, and taking plenty of time to sniff around and be a dog.

We have several Board & Train options depending on your dog and your needs. Part of the free lesson we offer any new potential clients is a thorough evaluation of your dog’s behavior and temperament in order to recommend a program that would work for you and your family. Call today to schedule a FREE lesson. Better dog in one lesson, guaranteed!

In-Home Training

You can have off-leash reliability others only dream of, all while getting there from start to finish all by yourself! With K9 Guide’s expert guidance you can train your dog to have perfect manners and off-leash obedience all from the comfort of your home.

All of our programs are personalized to the family and their pup, but our programs usually include:

  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Good manners (no jumping, demand barking, digging, biting, ignoring you)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Heel & loose leash walking
  • Come
  • Threshold training (no rushing out of the front door)

Our programs include as many sessions as you need to reach your goals! You’ll be able to reach out to a trainer anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

Private Sessions

Achieve a bond like no other while building the foundational training that will pay off for a lifetime. A lot of our clients get a great sense of accomplishment after training their dog from start to finish with our In-Home and Private Sessions programs. The two programs are the same in all ways except the location. In-Home Training is at the client’s home while Private Sessions are held with K9 Guide.

A huge benefit of working with a small business instead of a chain training facility is personalized help that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. You will get a program that is custom to you, your dog, and your family’s needs, with trainers who genuinely care and will go above and beyond to give you the support you want and need. Most of our clients have worked with two or three trainers before coming to us. We’re proud to not only be their last, but to offer lifelong support if they ever need it.

Puppy Programs

Get training early for the best foundation!

People don’t give puppies enough credit. While they do not have the attention span of an adult dog, they are still able to have obedience you can rely on. Too many people wait until puppies are older before getting training, but that only gives puppies more opportunities to develop bad habits. Dogs don’t grow out of behavioral issues.

We have several different options for puppies, depending on your needs. We will teach them how to learn, get them to enjoy learning, and show them how to make great decisions! In addition to that, we will teach potty training, crate training, and basic obedience.

We’re very excited to teach you how to have a great relationship with your puppy so that everyone is set up for success for life!

Puppy programs cover:

  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Handling for grooming
  • Manners (no biting, jumping, demand barking)
  • Threshold manners
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Loose leash walking
  • Whatever other concerns you might have!