“After loads of research and checking around for reputable dog trainers, we chose K9 Guide Dog Training to be the place that we would go to for training our new Labrador puppy. Aside for the many (well deserved) glowing reviews, we felt very comfortable and confident in speaking with Yana. She was very knowledgeable, open and kind..but also someone that you could tell knew how to get the job done. Our original intent was to do in-home training. After we spoke to her, we made the choice to do the board and train. It was a difficult choice to send a 10week old puppy that we just brought home away, but we were confident that (in the end), we would get a dog that listened and followed directions.

Throughout his time away, Henry learned how to follow directions, how to be well with time in a crate, he learned about avoiding temptations and a multitude of other great things. We were a bit concerned that he wouldn’t remember us or be the same. He was the same great pup… but with a lot more manners.

When he came home, our family was taught how to continue on his learning journey. Yana and Simba made sure we were prepared before he came home. K9 Guide does not leave you ‘blowing in the wind’ after training is done. They follow through, completely ready to help and answer questions anytime/anywhere.

A lot of places say ‘we’re family now’… K9 Guide actually makes you feel like you are. If you are looking for training, do yourself a favor and call. You won’t be sorry. Highly recommend.”

– Stacy Hyland & Henry

“I can not speak highly enough of Yana, Evan and everyone else at K9 Guide for the difference they have made in our lives. If you are searching for a dog trainer – look no further. This dog training has been the best thing we could have possibly done for ourselves or our dog. The number of options on the internet for trainers can be overwhelming – but I urge anyone who takes this training seriously to trust K9 Guide with their pup. We switched to K9 Guide after a poor experience with another local trainer. The results with K9 Guide have been incredible – we frequently get complimented on our dogs behavior out in public and it is all to credit these trainers. They take time to explain things to you and empower you with the necessary skills to succeed. I do not think any other company can rival their expertise. You will not regret hiring these trainers – and your pup will love them too :)”


– Cynthia Mentch & Zara

K9 Guide Dog Training - Zara - Yana Allport training director

“Our beautiful and sweet pit bull arrived to us as an adult with some basic training but lacked confidence around loud noises and aggressive dogs. The board and train was a game changer for us—Evan and Yana love Kyra and they treated her with such kindness and empathy while helping her gain confidence and show off all of her smarts. They both helped the whole family build a solid relationship with Kyra to really integrate her into our lives. She’s an amazing ambassador for her breed, and we’re grateful for all of the team’s work with her!!”

– Lauren Littman & Kyra

“My name is Justin Nielsen and I am the owner of Cover K-9 Training, a dog training service based out of Northern NJ. We recently had the distinct honor and priviledge of having Yana Allport out as a guest instructor and were thoroughly impressed with both her knowledge, as well as her ability to convey the same. It became very clear to all of our instructors very quickly that Yana possesses an immense amount of experience when it comes to working with various breeds, as well as dogs of all different sizes and temperaments. If you are in her area and looking for a trainer, look no further. She is second to none. Phenomenal trainer.”

– Justin Nielsen, Cover K9

“We decided to enroll our Belgian Malinois into the K9 Guide Dog Training because he would not listen to us outside in an environment full of distractions, that is, everywhere but home. He would bark at all dogs on the street or the dog park; at the dog park he would chase (and steal) every single ball being thrown, and of course, get in trouble with other dogs; he would jump on people, pull heavily while on a leash and overall ignore our commands. We watched videos and read tons of information about training but never really made significant progress.

Yana and her team started working on him, after 4 weeks when he came back home I could not believe my eyes, I was impressed by his progress and intelligence but more impressed on Yana and her team for managing to accomplish more in 4 weeks working with him than us in 6 months!

Our dog now listens to us every time, every where, from the basic “sit” command to hold a “down” when you start walking away while surrounded by all kinds of distractions. We did not need to get him used to us giving the commands now, it was automatic, the very first time we gave him a command he listened and performed accordingly. As a matter of fact, it was us who required a little bit of training on what the dog was expecting from us!

Totally recommend K9 Guide Dog Training, you will not regret it, it is an investment that returns satisfaction within 4 weeks and for life. Be prepared to let Yana, her team and your dog blow your mind!”

– Apolo Velázquez & Magnus

“We had the absolute BEST experience working with Yana Allport at K9 Guide Dog Training! It is very hard to just hand over your pup who is a part of your family with complete trust in someone you barely know. We had a bad experience prior to finding K9 Guide so we were a little skeptical at first. That is until we met Yana! She was so genuine, kind and informative! She explained the entire process and how it worked down to every detail! She made sure before she left the first meeting that all of our concerns and questions were put to rest and answered with complete confidence!

She was constantly in contact with us and always keeping us updated on Drax’s progress through pictures, videos and emails! It truly felt like a family member was watching our pup (and training him)! Yana reassured us that whenever we wanted to contact her to do so at anytime and told us never to worry about bothering her! The day she brought Drax back to us she stayed and did a training session to make sure we felt comfortable with everything he was taught! We were a little nervous that we might not be able to remember everything but the way she guides you and sets it up with follow up sessions makes it easy to continue with the tools she provides!

I honestly would recommend K9 Guide to anyone with any breed of dog, any age and with any type of behavioral issues! Trust me it will change your life! We have an Aussiedoodle who is high energy, used to jump all over everyone, barked at everything, pulled us on the leash and really just wouldn’t listen! He is honestly the best mannered dog ever now! Still has the same sweet silly personality but she fixed every single issue that we had!

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and we can’t thank K9 Guide enough for the tremendous dedication and genuine love shown working with us and our pup to this day!”

– Shayna Hopkins & Drax

“Finally deciding to send our dog for a board and train with K9 Guide was the single best thing we ever could have done for him. Even before we committed to the program, they went above and beyond answering all of our questions and making sure we had all the information we needed to make an informed decision. Our dog received a high level of training and rehabilitation for his reactivity, and we were regularly updated on his progress with phone calls, videos, and photos. They also taught us how to work with him and continue his training once he came home, and provide lifetime support, which is absolutely incredible.

You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with K9 Guide, my only regret is that we didn’t find them sooner.”

– Chloe Savvides & Sinclair

“K9 Guide Dog Training completely changed our lives! Over the summer my lab mix Goose began demonstrating signs of reactivity towards people and dogs. I always considered him an overall “well-behaved” dog, however, never having seen this behavior in him before, I decided to purse a training program that could address the issue before it worsened.

After consulting with various dog trainers in the area, K9GD stood far out from the rest. Yana’s superior knowledge about canines and their behavior was evident within the first 2 minutes of meeting her when she was able to modify one of Goose’s bad habits within seconds. I decided to enroll Goose in the 4-week board and train program after Yana carefully explained their training philosophy and answered all questions I had.
While Goose was at his B&T, I received many text and photo updates of his astounding progress. I could not believe my eyes! When Goose arrived back home, I saw a new side of him that fostered good manners and confidence. I quickly realized that before pursing a trainer, I had settled for many bad behaviors such as jumping on guests, ignoring commands, barking, and pulling on walks. All of this was fixed by K9GDT and there is a newfound sense of calmness and peace in our home.
K9GDT does not leave you stranded once the B&T is over and their lifetime guarantee is something you will not find anywhere else.Since Goose arrived back home 2 weeks ago, we have already had 2 in-home followup sessions and have more scheduled. In between these sessions, Yana is always responsive to any questions I have. This team truly loves your dog as their own and it is evident in the excitement Goose shows when he sees them each time they come for a follow-up.
Thank you Yana, Evan, and Jared for your commitment to Goose! If you are looking for a dog trainer – do not hesitate and just use K9 Guide Dog Training. I am convinced there is not anyone better!”

– Kara Ring & Goose

“Thank you for making such a positive difference in both our lives! Low confidence and overwhelmed with fear, Berk needed this program and so did I. I learned so much from Yana and her team. Making the day to day expectations clear, paved the way to learning and real growth. This version of Berk feels like a miracle, there are no limits to where we can go from here. The legacy of hard to place rescue adoptions, lives on in this Scoose account. Dogs with amazing qualities just waiting to be discovered. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who helps others.”

– Hollee Keller & Berk

Berk - K9 Guide Dog Training - Training Director Yana Allport

“Highly HIGHLY recommend K9 Guide Dog Training! Our Rhodesian Ridgeback has been working with the trainers at K9 Guide Dog Training for a few months now and the results have been amazing. They are incredibly knowledgeable and patient, and they have been able to help my dog learn basic obedience commands as well as more complex training commands. The trainers are also very friendly and accommodating, and they always make sure to give my dog plenty of love and attention during each session. I’m so glad we chose K9 Guide Dog Training and we are looking forward to seeing even more progress with my pup!”

– Alex Bloom & Zara

Zara the Ridgeback - K9 Guide Dog Training - Yana Allport

“Highly recommend! Our board and train experience was so much better than we expected. From the moment we decided to partner with K9 Guide we received top notch guidance and support. We dropped off our shy and nervous rescue dog for a board and train and received regular check ins and photos throughout his stay. It was hard to leave our dog, but K9 Guide reassured us that he was happy, safe, and making progress. When returned, our dog was confident and happy. I can’t thank K9 Guide enough for helping us learn to communicate effectively with our dog and the continued support we still receive. We know we have a partner for the rest of our dog’s life and we are extremely grateful for that.”

– Rebecca Wiederhold & Axel

“I will not send my dogs anywhere else! Yana is not only the best trainer there is but also person! She is caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated to training dogs. She has helped me so much with my Molly and I could never have done it without her. She not only trains dogs herself but she also teaches their owners how to train dogs as well. Whenever people compliment how behaved my dog is, I always give K9 guide dog training credit. I could never have done it without them, so lucky to Yana my trainer for life♥️”

– DJ Sargent & Molly

“I have known Yana Allport for almost 3 years now and consider her a dear friend. When I decided to do a board and train program for my 2.5 year old Beauceron, I knew I would send him to K9 Guide. I made the drive from Texas to drop him off and repeated the trip back for pickup. Orbit is a brilliant dog, and wanted to be a good boy, but did not know how to have a calm state of mind and relax in the home. He also got away with some naughty crate guarding behaviors that needed to be worked through.

Orbit has been home for a week now, and he is like a brand new and improved dog, but he is still himself. I love that he is still my same dog, but we are able to live a life like never before. I can have him calmly on place while I study or do housework. He will heel off leash with me and ignore distractions in our environment. I know that he will always recall when asked. I have even incorporated his structure/routine to the other dogs in the house and our quality of life has drastically improved. You don’t realize how bad it was until you have something better.

There is also lifetime support along with the program. Anytime I have questions, need guidance, or even need a video call training session she makes herself available. If I had the funds, every single dog of mine would go to K9 Guide for training! Time to buy some lotto tickets…”

– Marissa Ho & Orbit

“Professionalism and responsiveness beyond expectations!!! I brought Yana a 2 year old Czech import GSD that while he knew what to do he was an uncontrollable maniac a lot of the time!! 25 days of training and I know have the perfect dog I can now work with… 3 trainers later and Yana Allport got the job done… follow up is incredible… I wish I would have known her when I bought him!!! Now considering a second and she will have him for 6 weeks before I bring home… nothing bad to say!!! I’m so proud of him… just walked him… fricking perfect!!! I’ve never been happier!”

– Mike Kalinowski & Klaus

“Yana and her team worked with our dog Jakob (a Shiba Inu) and through their board and training program were able to correct his reactive behaviors. When he came home to us, his behavior was unrecognizable – he no longer bites, stays in place even when tempted by distractions, and follows commands super well. We are so thankful for all the help Yana has provided and would highly recommend her training programs!”

– Jamee Colucci & Jakob

“I got my Belgian Malinois puppy when she was just 8 weeks old, after a couple weeks of me teaching her the basics, I knew I needed help from a professional, I saw all the potential Maple has and wanted to take advantage of it. Within our first phone consultation I knew Yana was the trainer we were looking for! She and Maple immediately clicked and are best buds! We’ve been training with K9 Guide for only a month now, but the amount of things we’ve learned is mind blowing! Yana is always ready to answer questions, provide instant feedback and much more! She loves her job and she’s extremely good at it! Can’t recommend K9 Guide enough! I can’t wait how far Maple and I can go with her guidance and knowledge”

– Jose Gomez & Maple

“When we first got our Aussie, Giroux, we were absolutely lost. We read as much as we could, joined countless online groups, and found ourselves more and more confused. We reached out to to K9 Guide and felt more at ease within the first phone consultation. We did the 4 week board-and-train and it was the best decision we could have made. We learned how to communicate with our pup! Alumni groups are amazing, and we’ve made some friends as we continue to work to sharpen our training.

Giroux is much more confident, comfortable, and responsive to us. We are much more calm, patient, and can communicate with him more effectively! Without this experience, I’d hate to imagine where we’d be.”

– Michelle Hodges-Pietryka & Giroux

“The best decision we’ve made.

We have a 9 month Belgian Malinois puppy that has a lot of energy. We thought we knew what we were getting into when we got him and we though we were ready since we’ve always had dogs. We were wrong.

I was getting really concerned because as much as Magnus and I enjoy going for walks it was becoming a challenge with all the pulling. After the board and train program Magnus has been walking next to me without trying to go running out of nowhere, there is no more pulling, no stress.

Magnus also had the tendency to jump on people out of excitement. You can see how this can be a problem specially because he is a big dog. Trained Magnus was able to go out with us to our friend’s apartment and stay on place, it was amazing to have him he was part of the gathering and we don’t have to worry about him chewing or breaking anything in their home with his zoomies.

Yana has given us the opportunity to communicate with our Magnus so he can use all his smarts and energy on training. And we are using toys which makes it so much fun! He is so focused and works so well it’s unbelievable. I am extremely happy with the results and Yana has been really accessible and professional. She knows exactly what she is doing and her training techniques work wonders.

You give your dog purpose and you give yourself a well behaved best friend and peace of mind! ❤️”

– Andy Flores & Magnus

“They were helpful and professional even from the initial phone call consultation, and provided comprehensive resources for people with no previous training knowledge. They went above and beyond, and very obviously care about their clients and bettering their interactions with their dogs. Materials included with the program eliminated a lot of potential guesswork as to what to get for our dog, and follow ups and group lessons meant we were given support even after the completion of the program.”

– Faye Drobetskiy & Roxy

“Not only is Yana Allport an excellent dog trainer who treats every dog that comes to her like her own, she also has the greatest ability to teach you what you need to know without tearing you down for what you don’t.

I spent many hours discussing training and methods with this trainer, their vast knowledge and fairness to dogs is what sets them apart from anyone else I have spent time around. Each dog is given training tailored for them, and there is no cookie cutter, one size fits all for any dog, and that takes hard work and dedication.

She only uses the best equipment possible, and you KNOW your dog will be safe with any tools through K9 Guide. I 100% recommend this trainer to anyone in the area, and hope you can experience this trainer in action”

– Nico Rodriguez

“I regularly dog sit for a dear friend’s dog. This pup is beautifully energetic but is also very creative in figuring out how to entertain himself. When I sit him, he has to be extremely carefully monitored. Either he is loose in a secure yard or on a leash in the house. Otherwise no furniture or object is safe!

This dog was sent to k9 Guide and his progress has been remarkable. In just a few days, I see videos of this dog calmly laying on a bed while the trainer tosses toys (That NEVER could have happened in my home). The self control that they developed in just a few days is something I have never seen happen in such a short amount of time.

This training was done with almost exclusively positive reinforcement techniques. The basics have been laid with food, toy, and praise rewards.”

– Robyn Marshall

“Yana is a trainer I can trust fully with my dogs, and someone who motivates me whenever I feel like I am faltering. She is always there for support and problem solving with me, and has helped me become the owner I am today. Her love of the dogs and her passion for helping me be a better handler was something I felt from the first day we met, and the bond my dogs and I share is all the better for it.”

– Erika Stephens & Red

“I like how they are always willing to answer questions for me”

– Jeff Smith & Loki