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Professional Bodywork for Canine Companions in Akron, OH

One of the main factors we look at when it comes to training is how the dog’s health affects their ability to learn and perform. A dog experiencing severe symptoms of hip dysplasia would have issues getting into positions necessary for training. Dogs that are suffering from inflammation or soreness would not be as biddable and are more likely to lash out when handled. 

Health comes first. 

That is why for some dogs, we heavily recommend managing their pain symptoms before serious training can begin. Canine bodywork is more than just a luxurious massage – it is a physical therapy method that is greatly beneficial to our furry companions especially when it comes to recognizing and improving symptoms of:

– Injuries

– Structural issues

– Surgery complications

– Soreness from high impact work in working dogs

– Mobility issues or compensation patterns due to the above

Bodywork for animals is just as beneficial to them as it is for us! In addition to helping alleviate symptoms, bodywork also:

– Relaxes dogs

– Reduces stress and releases endorphins

– Improves mobility, flexibility, and athletic performance

– Improves circulation and promotes healing

– Provides much-needed relief to elderly dogs

K9 Guide is proud to offer the services of Josh Doster for Canine Bodywork!

Josh Doster started his career in Bodywork in 2008, when he worked as a structural realignment specialist exclusively with combat veterans with traumatic spinal injuries and PTSD. In 2017, Josh decided to transition his passion, knowledge, and education to canine and equine training and care. 

Josh has advanced handling skills and the knowledge of bodywork necessary to work with dogs in such an intimate manner while still achieving great results.

We have several packages depending on your goals and your needs:


The Silver Package includes a FREE in-home evaluation and 5 sessions.

Great for determining the issues you are having and get a head start to relief.


The Gold Package includes a FREE in-home evaluation and 10 sessions.

Our most requested program! Make a difference in your pet’s life – they’ll feel like a puppy again!


The Platinum Package includes a FREE in-home evaluation and 15 sessions.

The program to choose for dogs who require prolonged care to alleviate their symptoms.


I have had Josh as my professional massage therapist for years. But not too long ago I started to have Josh work on my dog Hunter. He is a 5 year old husky that has always been shy around people. Josh told me that body work would help with the anxiety part of his behavior. So I let him give it a try. After only 5 sessions Hunter opened up to not only Josh but wasn’t as reactive around other people. It was a very impressive and welcome thing to see. I wasn’t sold on my dog getting body work right off the bat. Yet seeing the results has changed my mind and now we just keep it up once a month to make sure everything is going well. Hunter seems more like himself than I have ever seen him.

Josh was wonderful with Lilly. She has had breathing problems for over 2 years. After a few sessions with Josh we got to see her run around and play more without the heavy breathing that was going on. He also took the time to explain the problem and what could be done to help. He was really helpful and professional. I would recommend Josh to anyone that is looking to make sure their dog is taken care of.

I have an 8 year old shepherd that was starting to have back problems. To the point that he was even walking funny. Josh was kind enough to work on my dog and see if he could help. Unfortunately, Josh was not able to take care of all of the problems with some of the spine having a degenerative disc. Josh was able to give him new life that allows my dog to move and play in ways I thought he was done with. It’s like he got some of his spunk years back. I would highly recommend Josh if you have a dog that is having movement or spine problems.

This is for all of the English Bulldog parents out there- We have a 3 year old bully, Teddy Bear, that came to our family after his owners needed help to support and care for his special needs. Teddy came to us severely overweight for his size, human food dependent and extremely fatigued from his size. In a matter of just 2 sessions, we started to see Teddy’s walking becoming more balanced, he became more flexible and open to a proper. Teddy has had bodywork from Josh consistently once a week since October 2021. We are thrilled to report that Teddy is now 65 lbs, runs up and down our stairs, is a star at the dog park, can keep up with his golden retriever brother and is now living the “active puppy” days he missed out on/ Teddy’s hips (again, bully owners know this challenge) are flexible and strong and do not require any prescribed medication. Josh is quite literally a miracle worker and has provided Teddy a new lease on a healthy, happy life!

Josh blew me away with his skills when he worked on my Beauceron who is suffering with symptoms from hip dysplasia. He correctly identified the issue, was able to safely handle my dog (who is A LOT of dog), and had Jean-Luc feeling more comfortable in minutes. He is such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this and I have seen such huge changes in the Board & Train dogs we get in who are struggling with mobility or flexibility issues. Very proud to have Josh as part of our team!

Canine Bodywork is done in the comfort of your home, where your dog is most relaxed and comfortable.

We only offer complete bodywork services to dogs of ages 1.5 and up. Many puppies are too rowdy for a thorough bodywork session. However, we would love to help with rear end awareness, targeting, and the “touch” game! That will help set puppies up for success when it comes to mobility and flexibility. Contact us for more information!

K9 Guide is also happy to offer canine bodywork as part of our Board & Train programs on a weekly basis. That will also include a special bodywork follow-up session at the client’s home after the Board & Train is over. We go above and beyond to make sure the pets in our care are as comfortable as they can be!


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