The K9 Guide Difference

We understand the problems that develop in homes, from jumping and barking, to fear and aggression. Imagine having a dog that…


– Doesn’t rush the door every time the doorbell rings

– Is not aggressive or reactive towards people or pets

– No longer jumps on guests

– Doesn’t beg or steal food

– Doesn’t bite you or pull on your clothes

– Always responds to your commands and comes when you call

– Is a pleasure to live with


 You can have results and the kind of bond with your dog that you have always wanted. It is very likely that however severe you think your dog’s problems are, many dogs that were far worse have become manageable and enjoyable companions with our training. We can help!


K9 Guide Dog Training offers free lifetime support and guarantees lasting change!

Educating, empowering, and helping clients achieve long-term and off-leash success is what we do best at K9 Guide

There are many good dog trainers out there, but very few that are also great educators. It doesn’t matter how great your dog is when handled by a professional trainer, what matters is that you and everyone in your family are able to get the same results. Any amount of obedience training and behavior modification won’t work if the dynamic that allowed those issues to occur doesn’t change. Educating clients and helping them achieve long-term and off-leash success is what we do best at K9 Guide Dog Training. 


Make bad behavior problems a thing of the past with just one call!

FREE First Lesson & Evaluation

– Unlimited Follow-Up

– Lifetime Support

– Basic & Advanced Obedience

– Behavior Modification

– Reactivity & Aggression Cases

– Experienced Trainers

– Off-Leash Training

– Puppy Programs

Just Some of the K9 Guide Testimonials:

“Be prepared to let Yana, her team and your dog blow your mind!”

We decided to enroll our Belgian Malinois into K9 Guide Dog Training because he would not listen to us. He would bark at all dogs on the street or the dog park; at the dog park he would chase (and steal) every single ball being thrown, and of course, get in trouble with other dogs; he would jump on people, pull heavily while on a leash and overall ignore our commands. We watched videos and read tons of information about training but never made significant progress.

Yana and her team started working on him, after 4 weeks when he came back home I could not believe my eyes, I was impressed by his progress and intelligence but more impressed on Yana and her team for managing to accomplish more in 4 weeks working with him than us in 6 months! Our dog now listens to us every time, every where, from the basic “sit” command to hold a “down” when you start walking away while surrounded by all kinds of distractions.

We did not need to get him used to us giving the commands now, it was automatic, the very first time we gave him a command he listened and performed accordingly. As a matter of fact, it was us who required a little bit of training on what the dog was expecting from us! Totally recommend K9 Guide, you will not regret it, it is an investment that returns satisfaction for life. Be prepared to let Yana, her team and your dog blow your mind!

Apolo Velázquez

Magnus - Belgian Malinois

“The board and train was a game changer for us”

Our beautiful and sweet pit bull arrived to us as an adult with some basic training but lacked confidence around loud noises and aggressive dogs. The board and train was a game changer for us — Evan and Yana love Kyra and they treated her with such kindness and empathy while helping her gain confidence and show off all of her smarts. They both helped the whole family build a solid relationship with Kyra to really integrate her into our lives. She’s an amazing ambassador for her breed, and we’re grateful for all of the team’s work with her!!

Lauren Littman

Kyra - Pitbull

“Do yourself a favor and call. You won’t be sorry. Highly recommend”

After loads of research and checking around for reputable dog trainers, we chose K9 Guide Dog Training to be the place that we would go to for training our new Labrador puppy. Aside for the many (well deserved) glowing reviews, we felt very comfortable and confident in speaking with Yana. She was very knowledgeable, open and kind… but also someone that you could tell knew how to get the job done.

It was a difficult choice to send a puppy that we just brought home away, but we were confident that we would get a dog that listened and followed directions. Henry learned how to follow directions, how to be well with time in a crate, about avoiding temptations and a multitude of other great things. Our family was taught how to continue on his learning journey. Yana and Simba made sure we were prepared. K9 Guide does not leave you ‘blowing in the wind’ after training is done. They follow through, completely, ready to help and answer questions anytime/anywhere. A lot of places say ‘we’re family now’… K9 Guide actually makes you feel like you are.

If you are looking for training, do yourself a favor and call. You won’t be sorry. Highly recommend

Stacy Hyland

Henry - Lab

“We are so thankful… would highly recommend!”

Yana and her team worked with our dog Jakob (a Shiba Inu) and through their board and training program were able to correct his reactive behaviors. When he came home to us, his behavior was unrecognizable – he no longer bites, stays in place even when tempted by distractions, and follows commands super well. We are so thankful for all the help Yana has provided and would highly recommend her training programs!

Jamee Colucci

Jakob - Shiba Inu

“My only regret is that we didn’t find them sooner”

Finally deciding to send our dog for a board and train with K9 Guide was the single best thing we ever could have done for him. Even before we committed to the program, they went above and beyond answering all of our questions and making sure we had all the information we needed to make an informed decision. Our dog received a high level of training and rehabilitation for his reactivity, and we were regularly updated on his progress with phone calls, videos, and photos. They also taught us how to work with him and continue his training once he came home, and provide lifetime support, which is absolutely incredible. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with K9 Guide, my only regret is that we didn’t find them sooner.

Chloe Savvides

Sinclair - Anatolian Shepherd Mix

“Could have never done it without them”

I will not send my dogs anywhere else! Yana is not only the best trainer there is but also person! She is caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated to training dogs. She has helped me so much with my Molly and I could never have done it without her. She not only trains dogs herself but she also teaches their owners how to train dogs as well. Whenever people compliment how behaved my dog is, I always give K9 Guide Dog Training credit. I could never have done it without them, so lucky to Yana my trainer for life ♥️

DJ Sargent


“Trust me, it will change your life!”

We had the absolute BEST experience working with Yana at K9 Guide Dog Training! We had a bad experience prior to finding K9 Guide so we were a little skeptical at first. That is until we met Yana! She was so genuine, kind and informative!

She was constantly in contact with us and always keeping us updated on Drax’s progress through pictures, videos and emails! It truly felt like a family member was watching our pup (and training him)! Yana reassured us that whenever we wanted to contact her to do so at anytime and told us never to worry about bothering her! The day she brought Drax back to us she stayed and did a training session to make sure we felt comfortable with everything he was taught! We were a little nervous that we might not be able to remember everything but the way she guides you and sets it up with follow up sessions makes it easy to continue with the tools she provides!

I honestly would recommend K9 Guide to anyone with any breed of dog, any age and with any type of behavioral issues! Trust me it will change your life! We have an Aussiedoodle who is high energy, used to jump all over everyone, barked at everything, pulled us on the leash and really just wouldn’t listen! He is honestly the best mannered dog ever now! Still has the same sweet silly personality but she fixed every single issue that we had! We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and we can’t thank K9 Guide enough for the tremendous dedication and genuine love shown working with us and our pup to this day!

Shayna Hopkins

Drax - Aussiedoodle

K9 Guide Dog Training Services

Board and Train

Our premier Board and Train program addresses all behavioral issues and teaches reliable obedience. Dogs are taught in real world settings and owners get a comprehensive program to ensure success. Unlimited follow-up, first class obedience, off-leash freedom.

Private Sessions

Learn how to train your dog yourself from start to finish and build a bond others only dream of. Achieve off-leash reliability with private sessions at K9 Guide.

In-Home Training

Teach reliable off-leash obedience all in the comfort of your home. Achieve a bond like no other while building the foundational training that will last a lifetime.

Dog Training That Works

Many people contact us after having previously worked with other dog trainers and not getting the results that they need. We do whatever it takes to make sure you and your dog succeed, and offer free group classes for our Alumni as well as lifetime support that is unmatched by any other trainer in the area. Once you train with us, you’re part of the K9 Guide network and family for life!

Finding a dog trainer is a big decision and a large investment. We encourage all prospective clients to look over our website content and the materials they receive after contacting us. Whatever results you need, if you follow through on our protocol and contact us with the smallest questions or concerns, we guarantee your satisfaction!